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Thanks to BergHOFF’s cookware it is possible to cook without water, fat or oil. Not only is it healthier, few vitamins are lost too. That way, you can optimally enjoy a tasteful and healthy meal!

Always use the right casserole!
The casserole should always be well filled while cooking.
Not using the right casserole (one that is too large for
example) when preparing a certain meal, will cause vents
which will damage the quality of the food. In fact, those
vents dry out the food and can also cause burning or
damaging of the casserole. Filling it with maximum 2/3 of
its capacity, is the ideal way of cooking.
Cooking times:
fish … 6 – 9 minutes                shrimps … 4 minutes
lobster … 7 minutes                most vegetables … 8 – 12 minutes
Always rinse vegetables with water!
This is important for two reasons.
Firstly, all chemicals are washed off;
secondly, the food will also absorb
water and will mix it with its own
natural juices. The process “cooking
without water” is simplified that way.
Check the heat source!
Before starting with the cooking              process, always use cold casseroles
and check whether the heat source is at
a medium temperature. When the        
casserole is too hot, liquids will
evaporate, which considerably reduces the quality of the food. Cooking without water at a medium temperature is therefore recommended!
Create a maximum amount of steam!
Always start cooking at an average temperature and add two or three table spoons of water (recommended!). As soon as the steam escaped from the sides of the casserole, you better lower the cooker’s temperature. The cover now created a maximum amount of steam in the casserole.
Don’t continuously look in the casserole! Every
time you remove the lid from the casserole during
the cooking process, heat escapes in the shape of
steam. That lengthens the cooking process and the food will dry out more quickly as well. If you remove the lid too early, add a bit of water.
Cooking times:
green beans, peas, broccoli, celery, cauliflower,
spinach, cabbage … 7 – 12 minutes
onions, potatoes, carrots, beans ... 14 – 18 minutes
Originally, fats were used to prevent the
food from burning, but thanks to most of the
BergHOFF casseroles, that became
Check the heat source
This is possible by pouring a few drops in
the casserole. If the drops start to roll
across the base, it has reached the right
Roasting meat
Put the meat in the pan and don’t add salt. As soon as the pores are closed, cover the pan for at least 3 minutes with the lid. The meat will loosen itself slowly from the base. That way of roasting also makes it easier to clean the pan afterwards.
Lower the temperature
After roasting, it is best to lower the temperature  (somewhere between low and medium). That       will shorten the cooking time by 20 to 30 %,           again saving energy.
In a nutshell:
start the cooking procedure at an average            temperature and keep an eye on the first
amount  of steam
lower the temperature, causing a maximum         amount of steam                                           
finish the cooking process at a low temperature, by means of normal cooking times.
Cooking times:
fillet of fish … 6 minutes            chicken breasts … 12 minutes
steaks … 15 – 25 minutes           entire chicken … 45 minutes
roast … 90 minutes
If you wish to steam, place the food to be
prepared in the steam basket. Then, add some
water and cover the casserole with the lid or a
bowl that you place on top of it upside down (as a
lid). Bring the water to boil and … the food is done
in no time! Those who compare this method with
the traditional way of cooking, will see that the
natural taste and nutritional value are preserved.
Ideal to prepare fish, vegetables and other meals!